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Make A Brand A Movement
April 9, 2008, 4:13 pm
Filed under: Serious

Should brands try to be more like movements?

In a busy world, we look for whatever shortcuts we can to help make the best choices. If something’s popular… well, we’ll tend to assume that’s for a good reason and straightaway, we’re likely to give it more interest.

So it’s not so much what brands say that’s important, as how much we think they’re liked by others. (And that’s increasingly easy to find out.)

That leaves a couple of things for brands to do, I reckon.

  • First… just make themselves loved.
  • But also, make sure we know they’re loved. Surface signs of success, usage, give us stuff to talk about, give fans more platforms to be heard, make the brand feel energetic, give it some intensity, momentum…

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