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Sell The Weekly
April 3, 2008, 11:55 am
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That’s this week’s patchwork edition of the Amsterdam Weekly. As you can see, they didn’t sell it all (41% if you can read the bottom right bit).

[Bit of background – they’ve lost an investor – they’re struggling for money – they’re selling blocks of the paper to readers to raise awareness and a bit of cash.]

It’s a sad situation and I hope they pull through. But what’s good about all this is the way they’re connecting with readers. Assuming they make it, anyone who’s helped out will feel a lot more involved with the paper.

That’s their product really – for readers and advertisers – an active community at an intersection of cultures. The more they can do to bring the community to life and connect readers, the better their chances of a future.

  • So they’ve set up a blog – now people can comment on and discuss the stories
  • They’re asking readers for contributions
  • They’re crediting those who do (in the back of the paper)
  • And they’re throwing a party for them

It feels like a big part of their future lies online where there are so many ways to give their community some life. But not just online. In the short term at least, they need to make their campaign as visible as possible. Everywhere. Draw on whatever good will they can to get free badges, stickers, signs… anything so that readers can show their support for the paper.

The acuteness of the problem is something else to communicate. They’re not asking for help forever. Just the next month, to get them through a sticky cash flow period. People need to act now. Then the Weekly can go about safeguarding their own future.

A half-readable paper like this week’s may not be the best sign that they’re going to make it – and people need to believe that they will. (Does it remind anyone else a bit of Back To The Future – like the paper’s being rubbed out?) But perhaps a ‘vanishing’ edition is just the sort of thing that’s going to stir more people into action.

Fingers-crossed for them.

You can help by buying up some blocks in the paper, which I’m going to do now.

[Oh, and got my name in this week’s edition. Woo hoo! I was part of the advertising discussion about how to help save them.]


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