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Loud Recruitment
March 25, 2008, 4:33 pm
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I have a nerdy habit of taking pictures of adverts. It’s not cool. Amanda rumbled me for it over the weekend as we were going through the old pictures on my phone.

Anyway, one of the pictures I had hidden there was a big, outdoor Virgin Atlantic recruitment ad for cabin crew. At the time I thought it was great.

  • People say a huge amount about a company. Such a public campaign indicated a determination from Virgin to get the very best people.
  • Recruitment is about action. Not just saying your service is friendly / informal / attentive, but actually hiring people who are.
  • Virgin turned their business need into a positive brand message. As well as a recruitment ad, this was an honest, non-indulgent, insightful and useful (if you were looking for a job) brand ad.


Google have used the ‘Recruitment as Marketing’ approach too with puzzles and stories about remarkable employees in their very public recruitment ads.

Result: we think it’s a company full of massive brains making the best search technology… so we should use it.


Lib-Tech (a snowboard company) pride themselves on only employing people who rip on a snowboard. I’ve heard a story that you have to be able to do a 360 to work there.

(I suspect this might work better as hearsay than a video though.)

Result: we think everyone there understands what makes a good board… so their boards are probably better.


innocent (used to at least) do the ‘Van Test’ – if they still liked you after a day sat next to you doing deliveries, you got the job.

Result: it sounds like lots of nice people work there, so we feel some kind of affinity when we buy their smoothies.


So I guess the crux of this post is something like this…

Make a recruitment process interesting, then make it legendary.


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Clever boys, those Innocent lads. Says loads about just how top to toe they are. Brand engagement isn’t just a formality for them. Which is why we can’t get enough, eh. Agree on the Lib-Tech video – less is more. But if I ever felt even a glancing desire to get myself a snowboard I know where I’d go …. More examples please, plenty to learn from them.

Comment by Susanna Hailstone

Maybe it’s a bit close to home, but KesselsKramer are another one. They used to do a good line in tshirts/lollies/stickers for people who they didn’t give a job. Made getting in feel more exclusive and sweetened it a bit if you didn’t.

Comment by Matt

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