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March 14, 2008, 3:16 pm
Filed under: Less serious

Here’s a list I made of things I really want to do. Some of them are going to take a very long time. Post-its may not have been the best choice.

And here’s the list as text:

Start a business
Learn HTML
Learn Dutch
Buy a house
Learn to ride motorbikes
Build a piece of furniture
Shape a surfboard
Learn to animate
Meet someone through blogging (cock!)
Learn Arabic
Get fast at surfing
Organise my music collection
Get a decent DVD collection
More books (own + read)
Renovate a house
Create a computer game
Design my own home
Do something positive for society
Enter the Netflix Prize
Learn Spanish
Take more photos
Eat at El Bulli
Get fit
Make a watch
Get good at poker
Learn a party trick
Design a clock
Become an authority on football
Own more comedy

Any pointers / suggestions / things-that-just-plain-shouldn’t-be-there?


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to be filed under the “things-that-just-plain-shouldn’t-be-there” -> Learn to ride motorbikes

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