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March 7, 2008, 10:35 am
Filed under: Serious


This is good, about the giddy things that Apple makes us do through surprise.

Emos are doing it too. Apparently the surprise Nine Inch Nails release over the weekend might have already made more money than a plain CD-release… ever. (Some clever pricing helped, but surprise seems to work.)

I guess it’s about immediacy. Except because it’s a surprise, it’s not imposed on us like a deadline is. We actually like it.

If we can already act on something when we find out about it (and everyone else can act too) then we have to decide faster… or risk missing out. There’s no time for in-depth research or umm-ing and ahh-ing. We have to make a quick decision based on more indicative things like a brand’s track record or what others are doing (quick, grab one before they’re all gone!) or how beautiful it looks. And then there’s no time for us to change our minds. It’s almost a relief.

Surprises are good anyway. Promise and delivery all rolled up into one sharp burst.

We hold surprises to different standards. More of a bonus than something we’re owed.

And there’s no overblown hype in a surprise.

I think we should try and surprise people more. This ‘Always in Beta’ thing is all very well but sometimes it’s an excuse for indecision and half-baked ideas. It’s nice to be given a finished product every once in a while.


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